Students - Student Information


West Beach Primary School provides a cohesive learning community, offering high standards in behaviour and education, supported by extensive resources, in a safe and caring environment.

At the beginning of each year all students are involved in a class based social skills program focussing on promoting the well-being of students and a positive approach to their schooling.


Our school values:


Respect, Exciting Learning, Safety & Opportunity

 This is an intensive program that explicitly focuses on class and school rules and routines, the school values, and programs including, Program Achieve, Restorative Justice, Child Protection and anti-bullying. 

The school values and skills taught during these programs are reinforced and incorporated into school activities and curriculum throughout the year and assist students in being successful learners and members of the school community.

Students are involved in the leadership of the school in a variety of different representative groups including the Student Representative Council and Wipe Out Waste groups which help to make and influence decisions in the way West Beach School operates.