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Bang! Pop! Sizzle!

At West Beach Primary School, Science goes off

with a BANG as students are engaged in

interactive, hands-on experiments and activities

to enrich and deepen their understanding of

various scientific concepts.

Students study Science as a specialised subject

once a week. Our Science program

endeavours to engage students through the

use of the Engineering Design Process where

students are tasked with solving real-world

problems and discovering new and innovative

ways to achieve this.

Specialised events include spectacular shows

or Science Fairs prepared by our senior

students during Science Week. There are many

opportunities for students to participate in

other Science incursions and excursions. As

well as this, we are also involved in the CSIRO’s

Scientist In Schools program where our school

is paired with an industry professional who

volunteers to work with our students to

enhance their understanding of real-world

occupations in the field of Science.

A range of technologies are also used in this

subject area that enable students to

consolidate their understanding. Such

technologies include Makey Makey, Green

Screen filming, 3D printing, Spheros and much,

much more!


At West Beach Primary School, we aim for

students to develop an interest in Science as a

means of expanding their curiosity and

willingness to explore, ask questions about and

speculate on the changing world in which they