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Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Wellbeing Coordinator

At West Beach Primary School, we believe that being proactive about supporting and promoting mental health and wellbeing in our students is vital in today’s world and the world of the future. Life has its ups and downs. Students who are socially and emotionally competent are better able to navigate through these times with a positive attitude and optimism.

Learning and wellbeing are closely linked. Children and young people with good wellbeing are more engaged and successful learners. 

All staff at West Beach Primary School work together to support wellbeing in our community. Our priorities include:

Teaching children skills for good social and emotional development

Promoting a positive school community where every voice is valued

Providing play opportunities to benefit children’s development and wellbeing

Instilling a strong sense of belonging, inclusivity, school pride, and community

Fostering students’ resilience and growth mindset

Helping students develop their ability to self-regulate

Developing student leadership capabilities

Supporting children who are experiencing difficulties

Working together with families

Supporting and recognising children’s character strengths
Our Wellbeing Coordinator at West Beach Primary School works closely with staff and students on wellbeing initiatives. With a strong focus on Positive Education and respectful relationships, our aim is to provide daily opportunities for our students to live each day to the fullest and to flourish. We have implemented a number of supportive programs, including:

         Stop Think Do

         Bounce Back

         What’s the Buzz?

         Growing with Gratitude

         Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum

         Restorative Practice



         Play is the Way

Our new Wellbeing Room is place for children to relax, self-regulate, develop a sense of calm, and be ready for learning. We also use this space to run our Interoception small group program, host meetings of young student leaders, and conduct confidential meetings with members of our school community, directing people to additional support services where required.

When we partner closely with families and the community, we are best positioned to support children's wellbeing. Your thoughts, perspectives, and feedback are always welcome, and we encourage you to get in touch with us if you’d like to talk about our wellbeing priorities.

Our Wellbeing Coordinator, Tina Mouzakitis, is available to meet with parents and caregivers. Tina brings diverse experience to this role, with an extensive background in primary education and the arts, as well as child and family wellbeing. You can get in touch with Tina by phoning the Front Office within school hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.