Aboriginal Education

At West Beach Primary School our aim is to meet the needs of not only the Aboriginal community, but also to promote and raise an awareness of Aboriginal culture to the non-Aboriginal community within the school. We have an Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO) to support Aboriginal students and their families.

The ACEO role:

  • supports students to attend regularly
  • provides support and information for parents
  • raises cultural awareness across the school
  • monitor Aboriginal students' progress
  • advises teachers about individual student's learning plans
  • supports parents to become involved in the school community and decision making.

Strategies implemented to carry out the above mentioned roles include:    

  • updating teachers and parents on how the students are going
  • holding Nunga Group each fortnight for all Aboriginal students which aims to improve their self-esteem and provide them with further knowledge and understanding of their culture through working in the Bush Tucker Garden and other cultural activities
  • assisting families who need help with counselling, health, finance, attendance, clothing, food etc
  • providing staff with training and development opportunities to update their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture
  • providing opportunities for parents/students to contribute their ideas and be involved in the organising of Aboriginal celebrations such as Reconciliation Week
  • involvement in the development and implementation of the West Beach Primary School Reconciliation Action Plan.

Ways families can be involved:

  • attend parent/caregiver meetings and morning tea’s
  • volunteer to help in the classroom
  • be involved in the planning and implementation of Reconciliation activities
  • support students in attending events such as the Deadly Fun Run and Reconciliation in the West
  • share your culture with us so we can all learn about what it means to be an Aboriginal person